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Your Stunning Residential Renovation!

For a perfect complete home renovation, AC Martinez LLC is the company to work with! If you live in the Falls Church, VA area and want your home to transform into a wondrous property, we’ll share everything we know and do everything you demand!

Our Services



Let’s whip up some gorgeous colors for the inside and outside of your home! You don’t have to choose the colors from the store – you can choose a perfect shade, and we’ll grant it for you! Our mixing skills are excellent, and we’re masters with paintbrushes and rollers – you’ll see life breathed into your walls!


Every service of ours is a form of art, but carpentry is viewed that way by customers as well. It’s not easy working with wood material because it’s very easy to put too much pressure on it and break it or damage it to an irreparable state. But with our carpentry skills, you will marvel at gorgeous wooden elements!

Drywall Services

Drywall Services
We’ll put up your drywall and repair the walls you already have because a stable home can’t have broken-down, cracked, or chipped walls. That’s completely out of the question! We would never let that happen to our customers, and we’ll be your perfect drywall contractors!

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling
We can help you remodel your bathroom completely! And we can change your ceramic tile flooring because if the floors if beautiful and sturdy, the rest will come easily! Work with the perfect renovation contractor from the company and watch as your bathroom turns into a dreamy area!

Concrete Services

Concrete Services
Sometimes remodeling could mean acquiring a new concrete surface or basic structure of some kind. And although concrete is a mixture that hardens, it’s very particular, and the contractors working with it need to be extremely careful and delicate. That’s why we offer our fine, gentle work!

AC Installation and Repairs

AC Installation and Repairs
A simple AC installation or repair may be everything your home needs to look new and fresh! Think of how perfect you’ll feel in the comfort of your home if the air that circulates suddenly becomes fresh and the temperature is just as cool as you need it to be!

Flooring Installation

Flooring Installation

We also offer flooring installation because we know that a good sign of perfect remodeling is having a top-grade, beautiful floor that matches the rest of the completed projects! Don’t hesitate to hire the finest contractors for your floor installation and get the perfect floors to serve your purpose!


Renovations Per Your Style 

No one would begin any kind of renovations if they were different even in the slightest from the original idea. Everyone wants projects to be executed per their directions and demands, but that rarely means they’re able to do it themselves. It would be best, but if you want something more complex or modern home renovations, wouldn’t it be better to work with experts? That way, you won’t have to wonder if you’re renovations will come out perfect because they will!

We’re Worthy Of Your Ideas 

Your ideas deserve someone who will work them out functionally and properly, and we’re the team for it! We are worthy of your ideas because we have the skills to make every last one come to life most beautifully! You need to live in a home that’s amazing in your eyes, and that can happen if you work with our residential renovation contractors who will listen carefully, work diligently and provide exceptional results! 

More Areas That We Service 

Just because some companies choose to offer their services only in one area, it doesn’t mean people only in that area make alterations to their homes. So we decided to be a little different than those closed-off companies and spread our knowledge and skills to a few more areas you can see below!

  • Lake Barcroft, VA;
  • Franconia, VA;
  • Idylwood, VA;
  • Burke Centre, VA;
  • Merrifield, VA;

Call AC Martinez LLC and request our affordable renovation! We’ll make any home even lovelier than before because we have the skills! And we love quality, when it comes to our work and the materials we will help you choose! Leave your ideas and our hands and watch your home in Falls Church, VA transform into a dream property!

Client’s Testimonial

by Caleb Francis on AC Martinez LLC
Perfect Complete Home Renovation!

This is the complete home renovation I expected to get! I would have never hired a professional company if I thought I could've done a better job. But there was no way I could've been better than these guys. They were incredibly skilled, and I'd offer their knowledge and skills to anyone!

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